Desert Refrain

December 11, 2017 "What draws us into the desert is the search for something intimate in the remote."  Edward Abbey I always think I want to come back here. Why do we think we want to revisit places or people that should just be peacefully left in the past? I do love the colorful sunsets... Continue Reading →

Mountain Tops

December 6, 2017 Running got me here, a questionably useless and self-indulgent pursuit that has swallowed up a good portion of the last ten years of my life. The lightness and joy I discovered running revealed just how heavy the rest of my life felt, it taught me that I could be energetic. It introduced... Continue Reading →

Reasons and Seasons

December 4, 2017 One thing these last few months traveling have reinforced is my gratitude for perfectly timed personal connections. There is a saying that we have three kinds of friends: friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for a lifetime. I am lucky enough to have a handful of people I... Continue Reading →


November 27, 2017 We have no Thanksgiving leftovers this year. The holiday was happily spent gobbling turkey bagel sandwiches in the van between a long, hot run and a sneaky double feature at the local Prescott Valley cinema. What I am left sitting with these days, is some newly vacated space inside my head. I... Continue Reading →

Gaps Where You Exist

You sit at the high-top and look around at the faces eating, drinking, talking, laughing and you wonder if they are really there, right next to you, at the next table, because the voices are coming from tunnels around you, outside of you. You stare at the thirty tap handles where there used to be... Continue Reading →

This Is How We Do It

*Originally posted on Dirty Good Co. where I am moving most of my writing, specifically travel and lifestyle pieces. Please follow our journey on this project!* I have to try hard not to giggle every time (like right now) Paul disappears into the van, practically into our Kitchen Cubbyhole itself, trying to dig out the small... Continue Reading →

Big Country Views

All along California’s Hwy 395 I can see for miles and miles, north and south. To the east and west of the Owens River Valley, however, views are quickly interrupted by the sudden, dramatic peaks of the Eastern Sierra on one side, the Inyo and White Mountains on the other. Each of these ranges also... Continue Reading →


This is how I'm feeling on this Monday morning. I had a whole post written for today about my life as a runner. It was disjointed and unoriginal and rereading it actually made me angry. Writing about my history and experiences with running reinforces the disproportionate value I place on it. Right now I am... Continue Reading →

How To Be (Un)Disciplined

Today marks thirty-three days of our new, mobile, dirty-good lifestyle. Although we’d been practicing living out of the Beaumont for the better part of July and August in Bend, there was some housesitting mixed in, a job to go to and friends and family to keep up with. So it’s been four weeks of a... Continue Reading →

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